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Zinc Blood Lab Test

This discount online blood lab test is used to monitor exposure to zinc; evaluate suspected nutritional inadequacy, cases of diabetes or delayed wound healing; growth retardation, etc. 

CPT Code(s)



Inductively Coupled Plasma/Mass Spectrometry (ICP/MS) or Atomic Spectroscopy

Reference Range(s)

≤5 Months 26-141 mcg/dL
6-11 Months 29-131 mcg/dL
12-23 Months 31-120 mcg/dL
2-3 Years 29-115 mcg/dL
4-5 Years 48-119 mcg/dL
6-9 Years 48-129 mcg/dL
10-13 Years 25-148 mcg/dL
14-17 Years 46-130 mcg/dL
Adult 60-130 mcg/dL


Clinical Significance

Zinc is an essential element involved in a myriad of enzyme systems including wound healing, immune function, and fetal development. Zinc measurements are used to detect and monitor industrial, dietary, and accidental exposure to zinc. Also, zinc measurements may be used to evaluate health and monitor response to treatment.

Alternative Name(s)

ZN, Plasma

This is a blood test that takes 6-7 business days to report.

Please be advised, that our services are strictly self pay and are not eligible for submission as a claim to your health insurance provider. However, you can submit the receipt for reimbursement to many Flexible Spending and Health Savings Accounts for reimbursement.

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