About Inquirelabs.com

InquireLabs.com is a division of Health One Inc.

Inquirelabs.com is a division of Health One Inc., a company founded in 1980 to promote health and wellness. Since our inception, we have always used laboratory tests as an important tool in health promotion. We employ health professionals who are supported by degreed technical and business staff.

In 2000, we won the industry's most prestigious award: The Stanford University's C. Everett Koop National Health Award

The online lab test and online blood test prices we offer have no hidden fees and you can receive your results, in most cases, the next day. Inquire Labs is HIPAA compliant for your privacy. Read further for more information regarding our Privacy and Security Policy and Terms and Conditions.

How Online Laboratory Testing Works

To place an online lab test order, follow the following steps:

  1. If you are an existing customer, login with you username and passcode.
  2. Select Tests Offered to determine which online lab tests you wish to purchase.
  3. Select the lab in your area by typing in your zip code to search for a lab.
  4. Add selected blood work or lab test to your Shopping Cart.
  5. Continue shopping until you have placed all the tests into your Shopping Cart.
  6. From the Shopping Cart, click on Checkout.
  7. You must register if you are a new user. Please enter in your registration information as indicated.
  8. If you are ordering laboratory blood testing for another person, you will have the opportunity to edit this information when you are inputting the patient information.
  9. The patient information can be different from the billing information. For example, you will enter the information for the individual ordering the test and the information for the person paying for the test.
  10. View and Accept the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy to complete transaction.
  11. Within 2 hours (during the business day) you will receive another email with a link to download your lab requisition form.

Additional information is at our FAQ page: www.inquirelabs.com/pub/qa/

If you need further assistance, please contact us through the call 703.534.6766 or info@healthonelabs.com